If This Were Easy…


…I would sleep like a baby

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I’ve decided, kind if last minute, that my new thing for this week is going to be going to bed by midnight.

That should oughta make waking up at 8am a whole lot easier.

Codicils to the going to bed by midnight rule include:

  • If I’m out of the house late at night having fun, I don’t have to go to bed by midnight.
  • Late at night is defined as ‘past 11pm’.
  • When out late at night, once I get home, I have an hour to get to bed while still considering myself in bed by midnight.
  • In bed and reading a book is not in bed by midnight. In bed means at least giving a passing attempt at sleeping by midnight.
  • Midnight means, you know, actually midnight. Instead of what time my bedroom clock says, which could say midnight as early as 11:30 depending on how much I’ve messed with it lately.

I’m not making it a mandatory aspect of in bed by midnight, but I’m also going to give a try at turning my computer off at night, so I don’t get up for one more email check or one more game of scramble or one more blog roll and find myself still awake at 3am, bleery eyed and unable to sleep because Firefox is burned into my retinas.

Plus, that should be better for my computer, too.

But not tonight. Tonight I want to finish this trashy romance novel before I go to bed.


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