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On the curve

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I went to the gym this morning. Not that I worked out, you understand, but I went to a gym and looked at it, and that’s progress.

I had a membership at a Curves in Markham that I was quite happy with — the customer service was excellent, the staff was super friendly and involved. I never liked working out, but I looked forward to going there and seeing people.

When I quite the job that that Curves was near, I moved my membership to a different location. It was closer, but still kinda far from my house. Still, it was supposed to be a good club, it had a ‘shining star’ designation, and none of the other nearby clubs did.

Hated it.

So very, very much.

The staff were totally unfriendly and uninterested in what was going on around them. They never talked to me, ever, not even so much as a ‘good morning’ when I came in in the morning. I’ve been paying for a membership I haven’t used in over a year because I don’t like them and have no interest in driving that far to be ignored.

So, today, I checked out a club nearer to my house. The staff person introduced herself and greeted me right away, then took me on a tour, as we were chatting, she called out to another member to take care of her sore back and have a good massage — so obviously she talks to people enough to know when they have sore backs and massages scheduled.

I’m going back tomorrow to work out once as a guest, and then, if all goes well, I’ll transfer my membership in in the next few days.


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