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Calorie and Nutrition Tracking

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I want to find a Calorie and Nutrition tracking site that I can use on a daily basis, and which allows me to share that information publicly.

Ideally, I could create a badge, a la my Joe’s Goals badge and share it directly on this page, but something I have to link to, a la rememberthemilk.com would also be fine.

I’d prefer that it were free, but I could live with paying a small amount (less than $50 a year) to use it.

I’d like it to be pretty simply to use and have lots of built in products that aren’t necessarily the American ones, or that lets me save my own products for later.

Also includes fitness / exercise and weight tracking.

Isn’t tied into a specific diet plan — unless that specific diet plan is WeightWatchers.

Here are a few I’m considering:

The Daily Plate — badges require $45 a year membership fee, which is approaching the steep end of what I’d be willing to pay. The database seems pretty complete though. The actual user pages on the site are damned annoying looking. Not sure if it includes weight tracking.

Gyminee — doesn’t appear to offer badges. Might be more fitness than diet focused — though I’ll eventually want fitness tools, too.

Fitday — can’t see what the ‘public’ journals look like without joining, nor whether they offer any kind of badging. Does appear to be completely free.

SparkPeople — the public personal pages are mostly very MySpace fugly, and there doesn’t appear to be ways to share your individual day’s food intakes and such. Plus, when I signed up with them before, they send me a ridiculous amount of email, even after I tried to make it stop.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these specifically or suggestions for other sites that might be worth checking out?



  1. Here’s what the fitday public journals look like:


    I’m personally leaning towards My Health Tracker on Prevention.com:


    It tracks food, activities, weight, mood & measurements.

    Comment by apoundaweek — 2008-06-05 @ 6:26 pm

  2. I use http://caloriecount.about.com/ not sure if I can add the daily log to another site, haven’t tried. They do have a weight ticker and an eat meter that can be added to lots of other things.

    The weight ticker can be in actual weight or weight loss goal. The eat meter is a calorie range that you set as your daily target and it sort of tracks how many calories you have burned up to X time in the day and there fore how many calories you should have eaten by Y time in the day based on your goals.

    On the other hand it was done by a bunch of computer geeks and they typically do come up with stuff for free (see eat meter and weight ticker above) when people ask them to.

    What I like about it is the HUGE variety of foods in their data base, the ability to make my own data base, track activities, nutritional values, weight etc… etc…

    Comment by beaglesmuggler — 2008-07-22 @ 9:19 am

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