If This Were Easy…


…I would be hydrated

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I’m starting with drinking more water. Or, to be entirely accurate based on most of my days, drinking any water at all.

I drink water in restaurants and other people’s homes, but even though I have my own personal water cooler located mere feet from the chair I sit in all day, I drink almost no water at home. I’m just not in the habit of doing it. Instead, I’m in the habit of drinking 2 cases of diet coke a week. That just can’t be good.

I’ve decided to start with 3 glasses of water a day. My water glasses are fairly large, so that should get me over a liter of water in a single day. Plus, it approximates how many cans of soda I drink in a day now.

I’m not forbidding myself Coke Zero. I likeses it, and I don’t want to start this effort off by taking something away. Plus, I once read some very interesting advice on Ask.Metafilter that suggested that one way to approach diet changes was not to forbid yourself unhealthy things, but to add healthy things to your diet. You might just eat more, but more likely the amount of unhealthy things you ate would drop somewhat to compensate for the healthy things. So, maybe I’ll still drink 2 packs of Coke Zero a week, in which case, well, at least I’m really hydrated. More likely, though, if I’m drinking 3 glasses of water a day, I’m not also drinking 3 cans of coke.


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