If This Were Easy…


…I would be done

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So what, precisely is the plan?

Good question.

I’m not sure, precisely. I have a sort of plan in my head, but I’m not sure if it will work, or fail miserably. I want to be flexible, but not so flexible that I can do nothing and still count that as a win. I want to be firm, but not so firm that I’m destined to fail.

I want to make my life better in myriad little ways, and a few big ones. But whenever I start on a me improvement project, I end up picking 98 things that I want to do, and I fail at a few of them and it all goes to hell. Instead, my plan, such as it is, is to pick tiny little things. Things I should, surely, be able to manage, and start them one at a time.

There will be no resolution day where I try to change my whole life. My birthday and New Years are both past for this year, so there’s no need to take them into account. Instead, my plan is one little change at a time. One per week, perhaps. Some of them will be about diet and fitness, certainly, but none will be ‘go on a diet’. I’ve been there and done that, and it doesn’t much seem to have helped.


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